Tracy Hogan

Touching the Heart of God Clean Hands and A Pure Heart

Did you know that how we choose to live our lives impacts our prayer life either for good, or for bad? For out of the abundance of what is in our hearts will directly affect our communication and our walk with the Lord. And that relationship that we have with Him, depending on how pure our hearts are, will affect every other relationship we have – either for good, or for bad.

In Touching the Heart of God – Clean Hands & A Pure Heart, Tracy lays a foundation for the Bride of Messiah to walk upon that will help that Bridal Company to be prepared for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, all the while entering into a deeper, intimate relationship with Yeshua through that place of intercessory prayer.

It is written for those who will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony and who will not love their own life, unto death. For those who are hungering and thirsting for a deeper, more intimate walk with the Lover of their soul, and who are dissatisfied with the lukewarm and ordinary. It is for those who will say, “Yes” to the Bride’s Invite to help them better understand the price to be paid.

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Bewitched and Beguiled Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Have you at times felt paralysed, suffocated, strangulated and immobilised in doing the will of God in your life? Particularly, when pressing in during your times of prayer? Or, perhaps, have you experienced a great battle to even get to that place of prayer? Have you had relationships in your personal life, in your church or ministry, seem like overnight they have fallen apart with no hope of restoration in sight? 

In Bewitched & Beguiled – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, Tracy reveals, uncovers and unmasks some of the tactics that workers of darkness hide behind while attempting to infiltrate the Church so that she can empower believers in Christ to contend for their faith like their lives depend upon it and avoid being deceived.

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These parables are an account of my real-life encounters with the Good Shepherd, which are by His divine design, and contain the heavenly jewels of revelation, wisdom and priceless lessons in leadership and stewardship that He has graciously taught me. They are what I call Living Parables where the Master Teacher has me walk something out in the natural, then makes me very aware He is there to teach me a spiritual lesson, wanting me to see another facet of His beautiful Good Shepherd’s heart. As you run to finish the race that is set before you, may you hear the Good Shepherd’s voice calling you closer to His bosom – deeper into His heart. Calling you into the eternal plans He has for you – to be the Bride of Messiah!

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