“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you. Peace be within your walls, prosperity within your palaces. For the sake of my brethren and companions, I will now say, “Peace be within you.” Because of the house of the Lord our God I will seek your good” (Psalm 122:7-9).

The Voice of My Beloved Ministry blesses and supports Israel, and is additionally called to help rebuild the ancient ruins, to be a restorer of the breach – for the Lord’s Mo’edim, (in Hebrew, this word means “God’s appointed times and seasons”), to be restored back to the Church. The purpose of this process of restoration is to help the Church understand its own history, and how it came to be so separate from the original times and seasons that the Lord had given to Israel. Just as Israel has been blinded for the Church’s sake, until the fullness of the gentiles comes (Romans 11:25), in the same manner, the Church has also been blinded by having the Lord’s Feasts stripped from her during the Roman rule of Constantine. In 321 A.D. he enforced an edict abolishing the Shabbat (Sabbath Day), changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday worship. This clearly was not the Lord’s plan, but rather was man’s evil plans to try to profane and destroy what the Lord has said are holy. Our Messiah Yeshua (the Hebrew Name of our Lord Jesus), was a Jew when He walked this earth, and He kept all the Feasts, as did the New Testament Apostles and early Church.

There is unprecedented reason for keeping the Lord’s Feasts for all believer’s in Yeshua Messiah – they are all prophetic, and are signals and appointed times He has given us to partake in, which directly correlate to His First and Second Coming, His soon return. This is why Satan has wanted the Church to forsake them, so that she will not be prepared for these last end-times days we are living in. The Feasts of the Lord are all dress rehearsals, all preparing us more intimately for His return. As Paul wrote, these are a shadow of things to come (Colossians 2:17).

Additionally, Tracy’s burden is to see the true Church arise in all nations, for His house will be “a house of prayer for all nations,” (see Isaiah 56). A vital part of this prayer burden is that the true Church in this hour would not forget Israel in their prayers, but instead would pray fervently for the peace of Jerusalem, until she is a praise on all the earth, and until one of the secret mysteries that Paul speaks about in Ephesians 2:14-16 will be manifested here on earth, as it is in heaven. This mystery is the “One New Man Church,” consisting of both Jewish and Gentile believers, about which Paul exhorts the true Church never to forget that she was the wild olive branch that had been grafted into the natural olive tree (Israel). And he asks: “If God was willing to remove the natural branch for a season, how much more so will He rip out the wild ones, if they do not support the root” (Romans 11:17-21)?

There is an amazing historical connection between the Irish and Jewish people, which most are not aware of. During the first few centuries after the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome, a number of Messianic Jewish believers from Israel and the Near East were scattered to many other nations, and they made disciples wherever they went, as their Lord had commanded them. They settled in the British Isles as well, including Ireland. After all these generations, there are Irish descendants of these Jewish families, who do not know their origins.

You can now see why the Lord’s heart is heavily burdened for the destiny of Ireland, since He invested some of His most precious early Jewish believers in this land. Tracy’s heart shares this burden of the Lord, because His people are her people, as well. In the same way that Ruth the Moabitess told Naomi, “Your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God,” so Tracy has identified with the Irish people and their Jewish roots.

Therefore, she believes that a part of the work that will be done while in Ireland, will help build a bridge of restoration between those two people groups. For those who follow the trends of the attitudes and actions of various nations towards the Jews, we know that anti-Semitism has grown alarmingly, even exponentially, during the past recent years, especially in the EU. Sadly, with Ireland in particular being one of the worst EU nations.

Tracy’s heart is to see the true Church come into her full inheritance, which is intimately connected to the Land of Israel and to our Jewish brothers and sisters. Tracy desires to help the Church understand that her role has always been to stand alongside Israel by blessing, loving, praying and supporting her. This will be needed even more so in these difficult last days, as one injustice after another is committed against her, trying to destroy God’s ordained purposes for Israel as a nation.

The Church’s foundation has to be built on a correct understanding of her position with Israel, according to the Word of God, knowing that the root has always been, and will always remain Israel. We must understand that the New Testament Church never replaced Israel, nor has God removed all of His promises to restore Israel. He is the Holy One of Israel, Who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and He changes not. His Word teaches us that He is restoring all things, and so it shall be in the days to come – all of Israel shall be saved (Acts 3:21, Romans 11:26).

“And there shall come forth a Shoot out of the stock of Jesse [David’s father], and a Branch out of his roots shall grow and bear fruit. There shall be a Sprout from the Root of Jesse, He Who rises to rule over the Gentiles; in Him shall the Gentiles hope” (Isaiah 11:2, Romans 15:12).