The Call

Ever since the return to the love of her life, the Lord Yeshua in 1999, Tracy Hogan has walked closely and intimately with the One whom her soul adores, the only One whom her soul loveth for over 24 years, all the while keeping the Feasts of the Lord.

In December 2006, Tracy had an unexpected visitor arrive from Israel, who was traveling to another state, but due to weather her flight was redirected to Phoenix and was in need of a place to stay overnight. She arrived late at night, which happened to be the eighth night of Hanukkah, as well as being the Shabbat.

Tracy was not prepared for this visitor in one particular way: she did not have enough gas in her car to get her back to the airport the following morning, and therefore, she had to stop and buy gas. This bothered her, that she was not prepared. She had enough gas to go visit her dad that day, but now, due to this visitor, it had caused her to have to buy on Shabbat, which normally she would not do. She realized this was not an earth shattering moment with the Lord and their relationship, but she always tried to be prepared for the Shabbat by getting all errands done, so that when the Shabbat came it was a true delight, resting from our ways and going deeper into His.

After her unexpected visitor departed and because she was unprepared for the “unexpected” this caused her to seek the Lord in prayer in a different way. Feeling like one of the five foolish virgins whose lamp was not full, because her gas tank was empty, she started praying, “Lord I was not prepared; I had enough gas to do what I thought I would be doing, but not enough for the unexpected, and I could have been prepared. I could have taken the time to put gas in the car, but I thought I had more than enough gas for what I would be doing. Lord, You know I always want to be prepared for Shabbat, and I don’t want to be in this situation again. I know You are not mad at me and I am not going to hell because I bought gas on the Shabbat, but all the same Lord, I try to honor Your Word and I want to be prepared for the unknown – I was not prepared and I did not like that I was not prepared. I feel like one of the five foolish virgins, and I need to have my lamp full. Help me to learn from this, that I would be prepared in the future.” She would pray like this often over the weeks and months to come.

About 6 months later in 2007, the Lord answered that prayer in a way she never expected, and she experienced her first interactive vision. In the early morning hours, one Shabbat morning, she was allowed to live and see some events of the last days that we are currently living in, unfold before her eyes. It shook her to the core and when she came out of that encounter, she had such fear upon her to leave her house. Not because she was afraid of immediate danger, but because she knew that what she had just been allowed to experience was reality, and that when she looked around her bedroom and surroundings, she knew it was not reality – it represented a false sense of security and she did not want to lose the “reality” of what she had been allowed to experience, or to step outside into the world that says all around her everything is ok, when the reality is that everything is not ok, and no one is prepared for what is coming.

So shaken by what she saw, she kept asking the Lord, “Lord, how do I prepare for what is coming? How would I ever survive something like that? And to be honest, who would want to survive something like that?” She had never been seeking the Lord about the last days at that time. Her life was very ordinary from a Christian walk standpoint, and she was just praying for the needs around her. Over time, He would give her other visions about the last days, and the tribulation that is coming on this earth. Again, she was never seeking such encounters. At that time, this was all new to her, and she did not even know what to do with them, nor to whom should she even share them, who would not think she is crazy. Nor did she know how to pray about them, but hid them in her heart and never forgot them.

Then in August 2009, the Lord came and awakened her in a different way. It was not a pleasant awakening either, as the Lord was revealing His high and holy standards of what it means to be pure in His eyes and just how pure one’s heart has to be if they are to see His face. After having that encounter with Truth, she was shaken to the very core of her being again, and devastated; she felt like her relationship with the Lord was in the gutter, even though at that time, she thought she was a “good” Christian and would have never considered herself backslidden. She was pursuing Truth to the best of her ability and to obey the Word of God. But then Truth came that one night, and the reality was this: if the Lord had come for her in that moment of reckoning, He would not have taken her as His Bride, and she would not have seen His face. It was a very painful, troubling time that followed as she felt she was starting her relationship with the Lord Yeshua all over again.

For about the next year, the Lord in His loving mercies, kept revealing how He saw her heart – her thoughts, her motives, the words she spoke, her actions in detail, the way He did. It was ugly, it was black and it was painful. And remember, this is one who was not backslidden, who was not in some hidden secret sin, but was thinking all was ok in her relationship with the Lord, when in reality, according to Him, it was not ok. For He is the high and lofty One Who inhabits eternity, Whose Name is Holy, Who dwells in the high and holy place and with him who is of a contrite spirit and humble heart. He is One Who will not tolerate mixture or compromise of any kind. We cannot mix our filth with His holiness, by having one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom.

To add to her pain, others in the Church, her family and most friends could not understand what was happening in her life, and to them, what seemed like “radical changes” taking place. And because they did not understand, they would say things like, “God would never expect anyone to go through, or ask you to do what you are doing.” It was a lonely, misunderstood time, where she was often judged so harshly by those who were not willing to heed the Bridegroom’s Voice to become His Bride.

But how wrong they were: Not only would He do so, but He also expects us all to want to be purified to His standards. His Word calls it: “Living the crucified life.” I have been crucified in Christ, it is no longer I that lives, but Christ lives in me (Galatians 2:20, 1 Corinthians 15:31, Philippians 1:21). This means to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow the Lamb wherever He may lead, which involves a total surrendering of our will for His. We are all called to live this life – it is the narrow road that leads to life. It is the only path that will lead to the glory – to be His Bride, one who will rule and reign with Him for all of eternity. But it comes at a high price, and most in the Church are not willing to pay that price.

This only all caused her to pursue the One she loves more fervently than ever before. During this time, the Lord brought her through an intense accelerated period of purification. It was an Isaiah 6 (“Woe is me, for I am a man of unclean lips!”) time for her, where she fell on her face in tears, often broken to pieces. But she was determined to allow the Lord to do all that He desired to do in her, as she could not bear to be anything less than all that He wanted her to be – His Bride. Nor at this point was she willing to have anything less than all that He had planned for her – both the suffering He had called her to endure, as well as the glory that He wanted for her, which was to live in Him and with Him, on this earth and forever.

When she shares this with others, it is what she describes as her awakening; it was the call and the beginning of her journey to become His Bride that really started that one cold, winter night on the last night of Hanukah, when the Lord sent her an unexpected visitor from Israel to show her just how unprepared she really was for what is coming, and for His soon Second Coming, and return.

Almost exactly a year later, in August 2010, one day during her time of prayer, the Lord came. He spoke many things to her about His Church, how grieved He was over the Church’s filth, and how we think we can mix our filth with His holiness, and He will tolerate no mixture. She was stunned – the fear of the Lord came upon her and she dared not get up off the floor. After some time of silence not knowing if the Lord Yeshua was done speaking or not, she was about to get up, but she fell back just as quickly with the fear of the Lord and cried out, “Lord, I am so sorry, I do not need to be anywhere today, if you have anything else you wish to speak to me, I am here.” He then gave her the call upon her life and said to her, “I want you to teach My people what it means to be pure.”

In the years that followed, the Lord has been preparing her in many different ways for that call. One significant way was to call her to participate with a powerful intercessory ministry in the USA, whose mandate is to intercede for the USA in particular. Thus, Tracy has been involved in intercession on a national level for years, leading corporate prayer for a church in Phoenix, and teaching on prayer at that time. Prior to coming to Ireland, the Lord asked her to start doing “home church” in January 2014. He wanted her to start feeding the few lambs that He was having her lead to the Lord, by providing a loving, safe place for believers to worship in Spirit and in Truth and in the beauty of holiness. They were to be taught the Word of God, preparing them for the last days we are in, by knowing the high call that is on their lives – to be His Bride. During this time, Tracy led corporate intercessory prayer, most weeks for the USA and the nations, and other Kingdom assignments that He has put in her path throughout the years.

The call on Tracy’s life is to the nations, to prophetically teach the Word of God in helping prepare the Bride of Messiah for the Lord Yeshua’s soon coming return. It is to help the Bride know how to dress herself in her wedding garments – to be a Bride who has made herself ready – one who will be without spot or wrinkle, and one who will be ready for her wedding day. This bridal preparation comes by teaching her truth, purity, holiness and in helping nurture in her an intimate love relationship with our Bridegroom King, through worship, intercession and warfare. The result and goal of this spiritual work is that the Lamb of God would receive the reward of His suffering in the fullest measure, and that He would be satisfied to receive the nations as His rightful inheritance, for He deserves nothing less.