The Good Shepherd’s Heart: Living Parables

These parables are an account of my real-life encounters with the Good Shepherd, which are by His divine design, and contain the heavenly jewels of revelation, wisdom and priceless lessons in leadership and stewardship that He has graciously taught me. They are what I call Living Parables where the Master Teacher has me walk something out in the natural, then makes me very aware He is there to teach me a spiritual lesson, wanting me to see another facet of His beautiful Good Shepherd’s heart. As you run to finish the race that is set before you, may you hear the Good Shepherd’s voice calling you closer to His bosom – deeper into His heart. Calling you into the eternal plans He has for you – to be the Bride of Messiah!


Paperback or e-Book also available through and Manifest Bookstore or any major online bookstore retailer.

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