The Foundation: Prayer

These are perilous times in which we live. We are well aware of the challenges facing believers today, and it’s our commission to prepare them for the days ahead. Often, I am asked, “How do I prepare for what is coming – I feel so unprepared,” by those looking for answers on what tomorrow will bring them. I tell them all the same thing; get your heart right with God while there is still time, and pray!

Prayer is at the foundation of this ministry. Prayer changes things. Prayer brings freedom to the sinner. Prayer brings deliverance from bondage. Prayer reminds us that we cannot do this on our own, and we need our Lord and Savior to make it through this life. Prayer brings liberty from the fear of tomorrow.

Prayer is what we do. We teach intercessors how to be a prayer shield and stand in the gap on behalf of the cities and nations. At the surface level, their efforts bring stabilization to the region in which they live. The hidden motives of the enemy are often brought to light, revealing the truth that gives birth to bring forth change in the Nation.

However, in the spirit-realm we see a different picture. The intercessors prayers pierce through the face of the earth, penetrating each layer clear down to the tectonic plates, then they anchor in deep. Once rooted in place, the prayers of these intercessors will bring about stability when the shaking occurs. Each time we intercede; we root ourselves further into His will and His desires for our Nation.

That is the work we do are called to do. It’s not an easy work. In fact, it’s just the opposite; it takes time, perseverance and determination to keep the intercessor from giving up when it gets tough on the battlefield. As intercessors, we shoulder the pressures so the nation can stand firm.

Our Nation needs the stabilizing force that intercessory prayer brings. We need the preparations, we need the training, and we need to learn how to stand in the gap for the nations now. Would you run a marathon today, without months of training? Of course not, doing so would completely wipe you out!

The time for training is now. Do not allow the enemy to cause you to give into your fears and run. Instead, stand in the gap! Pray! Fight for your nation, fight for your city, fight for your families!

We’ve all heard the saying; the family that prays together stays together. Why? Because our eyes remain fixed on Jesus, and if He is our focus, we will get rooted deeper into His will and His ways bringing forth stabilization the family needs. Why would it be any different for the nation?

We encourage you, rise to the call, be part of the stabilizing force driven by our Lord and enlist in His end-times Army for our Nation. Don’t allow the fear of what you see around you to cause you to retreat. When sin abounds, let us pray and embrace the effectiveness of prayer for our Nation!

Our goal is to raise up the Lord’s end-times Army of intercessors and be able to connect you with those in your area who will stand in the gap, and be part of bringing about stability to our Nation, that we can stand in the midst of the shakings that are only going to get more turbulent in the coming days!