Urgent Call to Prayer

December 27, 2016

Dearest Intercessors and Friends,

It is with an utmost sense of urgency that I reach out to you on behalf of our Beloved Bridegroom King Yeshua.

Some of you are aware, that the Lord has specifically sent me to this Nation – Ireland, as one of His sent ones. At the time when I arrived, on September 20, 2015, I did not fully understand what He was asking of me, but knew one of the main reasons was to sound the blast of the shofar – sound the alarm to the Church, and to His beloved Ireland for how late and dark the hour is, and that we are headed for dark, turbulent times that nobody here is prepared for, starting with His Church!

On August 13, 2016, on the ninth of Av, at the sole direction of the Lord Yeshua, this ministry held a Holy Solemn Assembly in Killarney, County Kerry. Its sole purpose was to help prepare the Bride of Messiah in our Nation, for her wedding day – to be a bride who has made herself ready, according to Revelation 19:7-8.

It was a full day of sobering messages to help us understand His high and holy ways, for He is a high and holy God, Who dwells in the highest of heavens, Who will tolerate no mixture in His Church. As well as, the word for our Nation was released. The summation of the word is this: This land will be covered in water – either with tears of weeping over the sins in this Nation and for rejecting Truth, or with floodwaters of destruction.

The Solemn Assembly was a national call to the Body of Christ to be awakened to just how late the hour is, to help the Church understand the “season” of God that we are currently in, and our desperate need to become the people that the Lord Yeshua and our Father in heaven is longing and calling us to be: His people who would humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, turn from our wicked ways, so we can hear from heaven, so our sins can be forgiven, for our land to be healed (2 Chronicles 7:14).

From this one scripture we can see that for our sins to be forgiven and our land to be healed, His has given us a four-part mandate that requires an active response on our part, everyday. And, depending on how we respond, individually and corporately, will determine ultimately if our sins will be forgiven and our land healed.

First, we must humble ourselves and come into agreement with His Word and what He has to say about our sin, individually and corporately, for the filth and compromise that we have allowed into our homes, and into the Church, that is starving and poisoning His sheep, at large, with doctrines of demons, religion and fear of man that has caused us to lose, purity, holiness and the fear of the Lord.

Second, we must pray by making His house, a house of prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 21:13). Meaning we need to put away our own agendas, our worthless good intentions and ways of doing things, the busyness, the distractions, and stop putting God on a clock, telling Him who He is, how and when He is to act, and instead consider Him worth knowing by making prayer a lifestyle. It is only in our prayer closet that intimacy and relationship with the Lord can be developed, nurtured, matured and maintained. In that place of relationship, we will have a hope of fulfilling the high and lofty destiny that He has for us, ultimately to be His Bride who will rule and reign with Him over all creation, for all of eternity.

Third, we must seek His face. It is when we seek Him with all of our heart, not a part of it, then we will find Him and know His perfect will for us (Jeremiah 29:12-14). He created and called us to be in an intimate, love relationship co-partnering with Him, restoring this earth back to righteousness. He longs for us to do our part, to purify ourselves – our thoughts, words, and deeds to His high and holy standards, with the Holy Spirit and the grace He has given us to do so, according to His Word. He is restoring a company of people in this last hour, the Bride – the Overcomers, back to that place of pure, holy, intimate fellowship that Adam and Eve walked in, before the fall, who will be clothed with His Light and filled with His glory. It will be for those who consider Him worth knowing, who will seek His face, forsaking all other lovers – who will walk in truth, holiness, purity and in the fear of the Lord, despising, and not tolerating compromise and mixture anymore.

Fourth, we must turn from our wicked ways. When we embrace the first three parts of this mandate; humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, we cannot but help turn from our wicked ways! We come to that place of humility where we can see the Son’s Light shining into the darkest recesses of our souls, exposing the tares, our sin, that needs uprooted, and we no longer fight against Him as an enemy with our carnal mind (Romans 8:6-8). We instead, no matter how painful it may seem to us at times, surrender our will for His and come into agreement with how He sees our sin and impure motives, and we no longer want to hold onto them. Instead, we want to be as far as the east is from the west from them. It is in that place of brokenness before Him, where we start to become the vessel of noble use that He wants us to be, ones who have purified themselves from the stains of this world’s ways of doing things, from wrong doctrines and false teachings, so we can be profitable to the Master, ready for any good work that He has prepared for us to do (2 Timothy 3:20-21).

His righteous, just and true judgments upon this land for our sin and rebellion are floodwaters of utter destruction. His heart is mercy, and His perfect will is to forgive and heal us, yet at the same time He is a Righteous Judge, Who cannot overlook sin. We get to decide. It is up to us, His Church – it requires our response.

Are you willing to be that people for our Great King Yeshua? Do you consider Him worth knowing? Are you willing to put aside your own plans, your own assumptions and presumptions, and exchange them for His way of doing things? Do you consider our families, our communities, our villages, towns and cities – our Nation worth fighting for? Are you willing to enlist in the Lord’s Army and fight for our Nation with our Great King?

The truth is beloved, we are in a real spiritual battle and Satan, has only one three-fold agenda against us: To steal, cause destruction and death (John 10:10). If we choose not to engage in the battle, as believers, on that Day we all will have to give an account as to why we chose not to engage in the battle that is raging against us, and our Nation. On that Day, I can promise us, there will be no excuses before the One, Who will reward each of us according to our works, for why we were not willing to become love, obey His Word and to do His will. The battle for our Nation will be won in that place of intimate prayer. He has called us all to that deep place of intercession.

Beloveds, the hour is late, we do not have much time before the Lord Yeshua’s soon Second Coming, and return. We desperately need the intercessors in our land to arise in the Spirit of Nehemiah, who are willing to labor day and night rebuilding the broken down wall that is between us and the Lord, who will labor with one hand and wield their sword in the other, who will be fearless and fearsome in Him, arising and becoming the warrior Bride of Messiah that we all are called to be – but few are chosen.

The mandate from the Lord is one, 24-hour, 7-days a week House of Prayer in every county – 32 HOP total. This is what is required, not only to help prepare the true Church for what is coming, but to raise up a wall of prayer over our Nation that will appease His high and lofty noble heart, to diminish the impending death, destruction and desolation to our land. I am exhorting us to come together, in unity in truth, so we can be of one mind, one heart, one purpose, one accord that we can be the yielded, vessels of prayer that the Lord is asking us to be for such a time as this – not only that our households may be saved, but our Nation will be saved, fulfilling her high and lofty destiny, as a Light unto the nations, especially to the European nations. Isn’t that worth fighting for?

My only motive for reaching out, is because I love you as the Lord loves you, for I am zealous over you with a godly jealousy, I have betrothed you (Ireland) to One Husband, to present you as a chaste virgin to Messiah, that the Lamb would receive the reward of His suffering in the fullest measure, which is the nations – having a Bride by His side, who has made herself ready (2 Corinthians 11:2, Psalm 2:8, Revelation 19:8-9).

I have been sent here to serve, however the Lord desires, in helping lay a foundation for these Houses of Prayer, to assist and guide us with strategy and prayer directives, helping equip the Irish Bride to arise and become His warrior Bride. I have labored for the past 15 months, for the most part by myself, standing alongside you – fighting with and for you, doing all that I know how to obey the Lord with very little resources, travailing in prayer for these 32 houses of prayer to be established, for the laborers to come forth and mature into bridal love: A call to die to self, and live the crucified life (Galatians 2:20).

The answer for the dark, turbulent times we will face is prayer, but it must be unified, according to His directives. Heaven has protocol, His way of praying will always follow those holy protocols, and prayer that is effective to bring revival and save a nation, will always have His strategy and timing. We don’t want to be like the five foolish virgins, who were not prepared, whose lamps did not have enough oil to meet the Bridegroom, therefore they were cast into outer darkness and missed the Wedding Supper of the Lamb!

Included is an article written December 14, 2016, documenting the “monster 62 Ft. wave” that hit the British Coast in 2013: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/743303/biggest-wave-ever-record-british-uk-coast-tsunami. The article forewarns the UK, from a “scientific standpoint,” of future tsunamis, exhorting PM Theresa May to prepare, and how they could hit both the UK and Ireland. Also attached are two pdfs with this ministry’s call to action that will help explain why our corporate intercession is needed, and how it affects a nation.

If your spirit witnesses to these words and want to join the Lord’s end-times Army, and/or you are one of the faithful ones who has been laboring in prayer for the hard, fallow ground here to be broken up, for the Lord Yeshua to be crowned King and glorified in our land as He deserves, I would welcome the honor to co-labor with you in rebuilding the broken down walls in our Nation, starting with His Church. We need laborers now, those who will join together corporately, keeping prayer watches in each county. We cannot afford to waste one moment – time is of the essence!

If you struggle with these words, may I encourage you, instead of outright rejecting this call to respond, to instead fast and pray, asking the Lord if what I share is truth or not?

If you need more information about this ministry, and/or want to read the full prophecy over this Nation, please see the ministry website: thevoiceofmybeloved.com

With the utmost humility of heart I lay bare all that I have shared. It is meant to only encourage, provoke and awaken us to the reality of the last hour we are in – how unprepared we are, but there is still time, if we say “yes.”

Loving Blessings,

Tracy Hogan

Tracy Hogan

The Voice of My Beloved’s ministry call to action explaining why we need corporate intercession and how it affects a nation, as well as, the Express December 14, 2016 article.