October 3, 2016
Feast of Tabernacles

Preparing the Overcomers: A Bride Who Has Made Herself Ready!
March 25, 2017
PTO: The Bride’s Invite

Due to technical difficulties some words were cut off. See meeting notes for any clarification. 

April 22, 2017
PTO: Our Obedience

May 20, 2017
PTO: The Robe of Humility and Meekness

June 24, 2017
PTO: Our Sanctification and Consecration

July 29, 2017
PTO: Renewal of Our Mind – Key to Our Transformation

August 26, 2017
PTO: The Measure You Hear – The Measure You Receive

September 20, 2017
PTO: Feast of Trumpets 5778

Intercessors For Ireland Prayer Meetings
April 21, 2018
IFI Cork: Restoring the Broken Walls

Notes do not reflect all that was spoken when first taught, but are just that – notes for the author’s use to teach from. Therefore, because more detail was shared when spoken, notes have a potential to be misconstrued, pending on the readers level of understanding of the Holy Scriptures, if not understood with all that was spoken.