Calling All Intercessors For Ireland To Unite! Warrior Bride It’s Time To Arise!

Will you join us in fasting and prayer calling our Nation out of the tyranny of the EU?

Saturday, February 3, 2018 the Irexit Freedom To Prosper Conference is taking place in Dublin at the RDS from 11:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M. For event details click here

Our intercessory prayers are needed to blanket this event that truth would not only be spoken by those speaking, but also be heard and acted upon by our government! The EU was never God’s plan for any nation to be enslaved too. It is an anti-Christ system designed to destroy nations by causing them to lose their sovereign identity in the Lord Yeshua, as a people, tribe and tongue. By being a member we are aligning ourselves with the elite, illuminati and globalists humanistic agenda to bring in the New World Order. Ireland must come out of the EU if she is to be a sheep nation and be saved. 

Beloveds this requires our faithful and fervent prayer calling forth the “Irexit” for these unholy alliances that Ireland has made with the EU to be severed. 

The Lord Jesus wants to set Ireland free from the EU, and to find her freedom in Him. But it will not happen if we do not unite in Spirit and in Truth and humbly bow our hearts and knees before our Great King and pray, pray like our lives depend upon it, because they do!

“No great event in history comes to pass unless God finds His human channels of faith and obedience. Prophecies must be believed into manifestations, as well as foretold.”
Rees Howells

Will you fight the good fight of faith with us? Will you share this with your prayer leaders and prayer groups, and gather as many as possible to pray during this time?

If you are not able to commit to praying for the entire time, that’s ok, we need prayer before and after the conference. Whatever time you are able to pray, whether in the morning, the evening or during the event, will help ensure the Lord’s eternal plans are manifested in our Nation for why this conference is taking place now – for such a time as this!

The Voice of My Beloved will be providing prayer points to those wanting to join us, to help guide this time of prayer, that our prayers would be strategic and effective.

If any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

In His loving mercy,


Tracy Hogan

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